How To Get Threads Badge On Instagram

Instagram, a popular social media platform, has revolutionized the way we share photos, videos, and reels with our followers. With a continuous stream of new features being added, Instagram never fails to keep users engaged and excited. One such exciting addition is the Threads badge, which can be displayed on your Instagram profile when you have an active thread profile or conversation.

Get Threads Badge On Instagram

Get Threads Badge On Instagram

Threads is a standalone app created by the Instagram team, designed for text-based communication, sharing ideas, and participating in public conversations. The Threads badge serves as a vital link between your Instagram profile and the Threads app, streamlining accessibility and enhancing user engagement.

The Value of Displaying the Threads Badge on Your Instagram Profile

The Threads badge serves a dual purpose, both for you and your followers. For followers, the badge acts as a visual cue, making it easier to locate your profile within the Threads app. This seamless connection helps foster deeper engagement with your content, extending your reach and impact.

For you, the Threads ID badge provides quick access to your Threads profile. With just a tap, you can navigate to your Threads presence, facilitating meaningful interactions with other users and creating a cohesive online persona.

Regaining the Threads Badge on Your Instagram Profile

If you find that the Threads badge is no longer visible under your account name on your Instagram profile, you may have accidentally removed it. Unfortunately, once the Threads badge is removed, it cannot be reinstated. As a user, it’s essential to be mindful when interacting with the badge to ensure you maintain this valuable link between your Instagram and Threads accounts.

Exploring the Threads Badge Features and Functionality

The Threads badge offers some interesting features that enhance your profile’s visibility and interaction opportunities. When you tap on the Threads badge, a prompt screen appears, revealing your rank or serial number based on the order you joined Threads. This provides a sense of belonging to the Threads community and encourages users to participate actively.

Additionally, the prompt screen offers two options: “View Threads profile” and “Hide badge.” By selecting “View Threads profile,” you are seamlessly directed to your Threads profile within the Threads app, fostering easy and efficient communication with your followers.

On the other hand, if you choose to “Hide badge,” a warning message appears, confirming the removal of the badge from your Instagram profile. As reiterated, once the Threads badge is removed, you cannot add it back later. Therefore, it is crucial to make an informed decision before removing the badge.

The Threads Badge: A Temporary Marketing Strategy

It is important to recognize that the Threads badge is a temporary feature, introduced likely as part of Instagram’s marketing strategy to promote the new Threads app. While it doesn’t provide any technical advantages to your Instagram or Threads profile, it effectively serves as a bridge between the two platforms, guiding users to explore Threads and its unique communication features.


In conclusion, the Threads badge plays a significant role in streamlining your Instagram and Threads experiences. By understanding its value, features, and limitations, you can optimize its potential for fostering meaningful connections and interactions with your audience. Be cautious when handling the Threads badge and avoid accidental removal to continue leveraging its benefits for your Instagram profile and Threads presence.

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