How to Delete Threads Account Without Deleting Instagram Account

In a remarkable feat, Threads, the Twitter competitor app, achieved a milestone by garnering an impressive 10 million Instagram users within a mere seven hours of its launch. However, for those who were enticed to try out the new platform but later decided to delete their Threads account, an unfortunate caveat awaits. It appears that deleting a Threads account is not possible without simultaneously deleting the associated Instagram account used for signing up.

Delete Threads Account

How to Delete Threads Account

According to the Threads Privacy Policy found in the Instagram Help Center, deactivating one’s Threads profile is an option, but to completely obliterate it from existence, the only recourse is to delete the Instagram account tied to it. This stipulation means that users who wish to bid farewell to Threads without bidding adieu to their beloved Instagram must face a predicament.

However, if relinquishing the Instagram account is not within the realm of possibility, users can opt for the alternative of deactivating their Threads account. If this sounds appealing, a comprehensive step-by-step guide is available to assist users in the account deletion process.

It is crucial to recognize the limitations imposed on Threads users. As the app’s sole gateway, an active Instagram account is mandatory to access Threads. While joining Threads is a simple process for Instagram users, it is important to note that deleting one’s Threads profile independently is not feasible. The only viable method for permanently erasing a Threads profile and its accompanying data is by obliterating the connected Instagram account entirely.

After successfully signing up for Threads app, users have the option to temporarily deactivate their profile, providing a respite from the app. However, completely eradicating one’s Threads presence without affecting the associated Instagram account is an intricate procedure that requires careful execution.


If an Instagram account is deactivated, the Threads profile linked to it will also be automatically deactivated. This correlation emphasizes the interdependency between the two platforms. Additionally, it is noteworthy that deactivating a Threads profile can only be done once a week, a deliberate limitation implemented by Mark Zuckerberg himself to discourage users from hastily abandoning the platform.

Step-by-Step Guide

For those eager to sever ties with Threads, here is a step-by-step guide on how to delete an Instagram Threads account:

Step 1: Launch the Threads app and locate the profile icon situated at the bottom right corner of the screen.

Step 2: Tap on the menu icon, distinguishable by two horizontal lines, with the lower line being shorter, positioned at the top right corner.

Step 3: Select the “Account” option from the menu, followed by choosing “Deactivate profile.”

Step 4: Proceed to tap on “Deactivate Threads profile” and confirm the decision to finalize the deletion process.

Upon deactivating the Threads login, the associated Instagram app profile, along with posts and interactions with other users’ posts, will become invisible within the app.


In conclusion, the lightning-fast rise of Threads to 10 million Instagram users is an extraordinary achievement. Nevertheless, those who wish to part ways with the app are confronted with the requirement of deleting their associated Instagram account. Alternatively, users can opt to deactivate their Threads account, offering a temporary respite. However, removing one’s Threads presence completely without affecting the Instagram account is a complex endeavor. By following the provided step-by-step guide, users can navigate the intricacies of deleting their Instagram Threads account.

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